Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Zoey Bailey '24
"Effects of burn history and Bromus tectorum density on seedbank composition in the North Great Basin"
MAJOR: Environmental Science
MENTOR: Professor Lauren Hallett
Leah Blankenship '23
"Functional and Anatomical Properties of Cck+ Cells in the Medial Habenula"
MAJOR: Neuroscience & Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Emily Sylwestrak
Siri Chotechuang '23
"The Role of Language Planning in Speech and Breathing Coordination"
MAJOR: Communication Disorders and Sciences
MENTOR: Professor Melissa Redford
Mary Krebs '22
"Oocyte Meiotic Cell Division: Cortical Stiffness versus Cortical Contractility"
MAJOR: Biology & Piano Performance
MENTOR: Professor Bruce Bowerman
Chester Mantel '23
"Composite Dark Matter Detection Through Magnetic Dipole Interactions"
MAJOR: Physics
MENTOR: Professor Graham Kribs
Olivia Wilkinson '23
"How Drugs Influenced the Musical Landscape of the 1960s"
MAJOR: History & Folklore
MENTOR: Professor Steven Beda
Recipients of 2021
Mashal Rahmati Copperman
- 2022 -
"Community Composition Shifts in Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Along a Lead (Pb) Gradient"
MAJOR: Environmental Science
MENTOR: Professor Brendan Bohannan
Isabelle Cullen
- 2022 -
"Active Olfactomotor Responses in Head Fixed Mice"
MAJOR: Neuroscience
MENTOR: Professor Matt Smear
Nathan Malamud
- 2022 -
"Simulating Dead-End State Distributions for Microbial Metabolism"
MAJOR: MACS (Math and Computer Science)
MENTOR: Professor Stilianos Louca
Audra McNamee
- 2022 -
"An innovative neuroscience outreach effort using comics"
MAJOR: MACS (Math and Computer Science)
MENTOR: Professor Luca Mazzucato 
Ashia Wilson
- 2023 -
"Methane Emissions in Hydropower Reservoirs"
MAJOR: Environmental Studies
MENTOR: Professor Alaí Reyes-Santos


Recipients of 2020
Anastasia Browning
- 2021 -
"Leveraging Message Framing and Goal Orientations to Strengthen Well-Being and Bolster Intentions to Follow Social Distancing Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic"
MAJOR: Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Elliot Berkman
Noa Cohen
- 2021 -
"Reducing Smoking through Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation"
MAJOR: Biological Anthropology
MENTOR: Professor Michael Posner
Myles Nelson
- 2021 -
"Reducing Metabolic Cost of Level Ground Walking Using a Semi-Active Variable Stiffness Foot Prosthesis"
MAJOR: Human Physiology
MENTOR: Professor Mike Hahn
Deanna Plunkett
- 2021 -
"Adult inflammation increases microglia after neonatal inflammation in respiratory control regions"
MAJOR: Biological Anthropology
MENTOR: Professor Adrianne Huxtable
Jude Stone
- 2021 -
"Racial Influence on Transgender Hate Crime Verdicts"
MAJOR: Political Science
MENTOR: Professor Alison Gash


Recipients of 2019
Takoko Iwashita
- 2020 -
"Reducing the negative impact of emotion on memory"
MAJOR: Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Dasa Zeithamova
Matt Kafker
- 2020 -
"Computational modeling of bacterial dynamics in spatially structured environments"
MAJOR: Physics & Math
MENTOR: Professor Tristan Ursell
Emmalyn Leonard
- 2021 -
"Determining the role of pulvinar in visual attention control"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Cris Niell
Calvin Penkauskas
- 2020 -
"Resolving conflict between oak conservation and organic hazelnut production"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Lauren Hallett
Amy Shannon
- 2021 -
"Alutiiq use of birds at Rice Ridge (49–KOD–363), Kodiak Island"
MAJOR: Anthropology
MENTOR: Professor Madonna Moss


Recipients of 2018
Konrad Bailey
- 2020 -
"Neural and behavioral assays for studying predictive coding in the mouse brain"
MAJOR: Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Santiago Jaramillo
Fountane Chan
- 2019 -
"Deciphering the role of Argonaute protein, PRG-1, in spermatocyte specific, heat-stress induced DNA damage"
MAJOR: General Science
MENTOR: Professor Diana Libuda
Connor Lane
- 2019 -
"Parallel evolution of floral diversity in the bush monkeyflower"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Matt Streisfeld
Michelle Lo
- 2019 -
"Power dynamics in group settings of mathematics classrooms"
MAJOR: Mathematics
MENTOR: Professor Jennifer Ruef
Madelyn Scott
- 2019 -
"Optimization of deposition techniques for film production and analysis"
MAJOR: Chemistry
MENTOR: Professor Cathy Wong