Resources for Undocumented Students


The University of Oregon strongly upholds the values of diversity, equity and inclusion and is deeply committed to ensuring academic opportunities are available to students, regardless of citizenship status.  Below are several sites that provide funding information for those organizations that welcome applications from undocumented students. The UO Dreamers Office can provide additional on-campus support to students. 


External Resources

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, founded in 1986, offers Resources for DACA/DREAMers with links to organizations providing students with information on college funding resources.

Immigrants Rising maintains a series of scholarships resources for undocumented students that don’t have U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency. These resources include the following:

United We Dream has prepared this list of 10 scholarship resources open for undocumented students. The list includes both awards for which undocumented students are eligible as well as scholarship databases specifically designed to assist undocumented students in finding award opportunities.


University of Oregon Office of Distinguished Scholarships Resources

Below is a list of distinguished scholarships that do not require U.S. citizenship. You are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Distinguished Scholarships for advising and guidance. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

US and Canadian Citizens. Non-U.S./Canadian citizens can visit the DAAD’s Scholarship Database and select the country of citizenship to browse eligible grants and scholarships. See Database for Non-U.S. Citizens

You need not be a U.S. citizen if you attend a university located in the United States. However, all applicants must be eligible to work in the United States for 10-12 months from September 1 through at least June 30 following graduation. Students on F-1 visas who are eligible to work in the United States for the full year may apply for the program. If you attend a participating school outside of the United States, you must be a U.S. citizen (due to work permit requirements).

Citizens of any country not belonging to the UK

We encourage citizens and residents of all countries to apply. If you have been granted DACA status, do not hold formal citizenship in any country, or are otherwise undocumented, you are eligible to apply for graduate study and matriculate at Stanford University and Knight-Hennessy Scholars.

Citizen of the United States; OR admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident, and have maintained, and be expected to maintain, such legal status. Inter-jurisdictional Scholarship: If you have a strong connection to two or more Rhodes constituencies, but don't meet the Nationality or Citizenship criteria, you may be able to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship via Inter-Jurisdictional Consideration. To find out more please visit our page here.

No citizenship requirement

To be eligible, your birth parents must have both been born outside of the US as non-US citizens, and both parents must not have been eligible for US citizenship at the time of their births. Click here for additional information on new American status (this includes DACA recipients).

No citizenship requirement. Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan need to apply through both the Peking University Graduate Admissions website and the Yenching Academy online admissions portal.