First Year Research Experience Award (FYRE)

Recipients of 2024

Chase Crandall

Chase Crandall '27

"Staying Friends: Bonobo Social Network Resilience"
MAJOR: Biology 
MENTOR: Professor Frances White

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Jeannie Feng '27

"The Emergence of Discrete Performance States During Sensory Task-training in Mice"
MAJOR: Data Science & Neuroscience
MENTOR: Professor David McCormick & Research Assistant Kevin Zumwalt

Haiden Hodges

Haiden Hodges '27

"Intraparticle charge transfer, tuning redox activity and modifying valence in MOFs"
MAJOR: Biochemistry
MENTOR: Assistant Professor Carl Brozek

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Finnian Mullally '27

"2D morphological analysis of ground squirrel molars"
MAJOR: Earth Sciences
MENTOR: Professor Samantha Hopkins

Gabriella Samaniego

Gabriella Samaniego '26

"Explaining Wrongful Convictions’ Adverse Effects on People of Color and Barriers to Justice "
MAJOR: General Social Science
MENTOR: Associate Professor Erin Beck

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Alexandre Smith '27

"Estimating Mass Eruption Rate using Satellite Observations of Eruptions "
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Josef Dufek

Recipients of 2023
Alexander Aghdaei
"Two Birds with One Stone: Curbing Militarism, Fixing Climate Change"
MAJOR: Political Science & Data Science
MENTOR: Professor Jane Cramer
Story Arney
"Evaluating U.S. Bilateral Aid to Jordan"
MAJOR: Political Science
MENTOR: Professor Jane Cramer
Kelly Barber
"AAVE and its' Negative Stigmas"
MAJOR: Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Rachel Weissler
Sara Biniam
"Bacterial Chemotaxis on C.elegans for Value-Based Decision Making"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Dr. Serge Faumont
Valerie Dagley
"Development of a Web Based Data Visualization System"
MAJOR: Computer Science
MENTOR: Professor Hank Childs
Treydon (Kimo) Emary
"The History and Impact of Native Music Through the Years"
MAJOR: Exploring
MENTOR: Professor Mitchell Block
Olivia Estes
"Behavioral and Pathological Sex Differences in Alzheimer's Model Mice"
MAJOR: Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Michael Wehr
Mariam Fischer
"Coalitionary and Non-Coalitionary Interventions in Captive Bonobos"
MAJOR: Anthropology
MENTOR: Professor Frances White
Molly Katz
"Cyberbullying in Adolescents and Teenagers"
MAJOR: Family and Human Services
MENTOR: Professor Jennifer Doty
Louisa Krantz
"Determining the Underlying Cognitive Mechanisms behind Acquired Equivalence"
MAJOR: Neuroscience
MENTOR: Professor Dasa Zeithamova
Haley Mae Lohf
"Exploration Back into the Future; Neural Interfaces and Accelerated Aging"
MAJOR: Neuroscience & Computer Science
MENTOR: Professor Felix Deku
Charlotte Olds
"Hippocampal Repulsion and Context-Based Memory Organization"
MAJOR: Neuroscience & Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Brice Kuhl
Tharusha Seagoe
"Role of LHb Tac1 neurons in RPE responses to conditioned reward-predictive stimuli"
MAJOR: Human Physiology
MENTOR: Professor Emily Sylwestrak
Jake Shim
"North Korea under Kim Jong Un (2012-present)"
MAJOR: Political Science & Economics
MENTOR: Professor Tuong Vu
Mason Vaughn Brown
"Effects of acute and prolonged disuse on skeletal muscle structure and function"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Damien Callahan


Recipients of 2022
Sue Carney
"Differences in Therapeutic Effectiveness Between Live, Recorded, and Remote Music in Hospital Settings: A Systematic Review"
MAJOR: Psychology
MENTOR: Professor Melissa Brunkan
Eunhye Fay
"Streaming Racial Categories: Spotify, K-Pop, and Genre"
MAJOR: Sociology & Asian Studies
MENTOR: Professor Jina Kim
Jena Miko
"Toys and Words in Everyday Spaces"
MAJOR: Educational Foundations/Communication Disorders and Sciences
MENTOR: Professor Caitlin Fausey
Lily Miller
"Improving Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (DESI-MS) Imaging of Tissue Samples"
MAJOR: Biochemistry
MENTOR: Professor Jim Prell
Kyla Schmitt
"Characteristics of Crayfish in the Tryon Creek Watershed"
MAJOR: Environmental Studies
MENTOR: Professor Peg Boulay


Recipients of 2021
Nayantara Arora
"Does the breathing cycle modulate the orientation of our attention?"
MAJOR: Neuroscience
MENTOR: Professor Ulrich Mayr
Sanjana Basak
"Start codon disruption with CRISPR/Cas9 prevents murine Fuchs' endothelial corneal dystrophy"
MAJOR: Biochemistry
MENTOR: Professor Balamurali Ambati
Jazmin Hernandez
"Inside the Minds and Perspectives of Braceros, 1942-1964"
DOUBLE MAJOR: (Exploring) - Global Studies
MENTOR: Professor Julie Weise
Eliza Lawrence
"Give me a choice or don't tell me about it: The effect of added options on COVID-19 vaccine intentions"
MAJOR: Biochemistry and Journalism
MENTOR: Professor Ellen Peters
Sera Lew
"Maternal Thiamine Supplementation and the Effects on Mother-Infant Joint Interactions"
MAJOR: Psychology and Global Studies
MENTOR: Professor Dare Baldwin


Recipients of 2020
Julia Lo
"Investigating how different chromatin states affect the mechanism of DNA"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Diana Libuda
Alexandria Montgomery
"Microbial ecology and evolution in hot springs"
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Stilianos Louca
Nicole Mullen
"Philosophy for Children: Value, integration and development of philosophical education curriculum"
DOUBLE MAJOR: General Science and Sociology
MENTOR: Professor Caroline Lundquist
Lucy Roberts
"Updating previous quantifications of flow regimes in Greenland’s glacial Sermilik Fjord using iceberg drifters"
MAJOR: Spatial Data Science and Technology
MENTOR: Professor Dave Sutherland
Haley Speed
"Functions of H3K27 Methylation in Neurospora C."
MAJOR: Biology
MENTOR: Professor Eric Selker