Netiquette Tips

Maximizing Resources in a Virtual World

When taking hybrid and/or online classes, it's important to set up a daily routine that works for you:

  • Create a dedicated workspace for yourself. It will improve your productivity.
  • Develop a time schedule and routine to plan out your day and week
  • Don't be shy about connecting with your faculty via Zoom Teams, email, and phone
  • If you aren't bound to a traditional class schedule, allow yourself to take breaks throughout the day, but stick to your routine.

Reach out to faculty to explore the potential for research opportunities. How can you start the conversation?

  • Research the research before connecting. Read through the faculty member's website. 
  • Express an interest in their research.
  • Are there projects that might be initiated remotely?
  • Can they recommend publications to you to read on the subject?
  • Most importantly, don't get stressed out or overwhelmed. Take advantage of campus resources such as undergraduate research open hours.

Video Chat Tips

  • Choose a neutral background and space with minimal noise that will not distract from the conversation.
  • Dress similarly to how you would for in-person class.
  • Ensure good lighting so that you can be seen.
  • Test your equipment before the meeting or class.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in your space; it will translate onscreen.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out for advising and guidance.
  • Interact, ask questions, and be a part of the conversation.
  • Use video conferencing to stay connected with peers, classmates, and faculty.