Membership Requirements for Juniors

  1. 120 credits completed by the beginning of the spring term of the election.
  2. Cumulative UO grade-point average (GPA) is at least 3.9. 
  3. 32 upper-division liberal credits in UO courses of at least 3 credits each. No more than 8 of these 32 credits shall be elective pass/no pass (P/N), i.e., P without an asterisk; at least two breadth courses outside the major subject code must be taken for letter grades.
  4. Breadth requirement–distribution among these 32 credits in one of the following three ways
    • at least three courses in each of two groups that correspond to the three undergraduate core-education groups (arts and letters, social science, science) or
    • at least three courses in one of these groups and two courses in each of the other two or
    • at least three courses in each of two subject codes in one group and two courses in a third subject code in any group.[Although some upper-division liberal courses with the same subject code belong to two different groups, only the courses from one of those groups can be counted for breadth.]
  5. Good character and no official findings of responsibility for academic misconduct.
  6. Fulfillment of the minimum requirements does not guarantee election to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.