DucksRISE Recipients

DucksRISE Research Fellows

Fall 2023

Isabela Espino-Marquez | “Primary Motor Cortex Influenced through the Strengthening of Synergies.” | Mentor: Hayami Nishio, Human Physiology

Natalie Garcia | “How can comics/graphic novels be used as a tool to open up a dialogue between generations surrounding trauma and mental health for first-generation Mexican-American immigrants?” | Mentor: Katherine Kelp-Stebbins, Comics and Cartoon Studies

Jeanette Jones | “Science Fiction's Reflection of Indigeneity” | Mentor: Angie Morrill, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Seira Kitagawa | “Communicating Struggles and Support to the diverting Japanese population” | Mentor: Kelli Matthews, School of Journalism and Communication

Rooke Knapton | “Cross-Cultural Differences in Philanthropic Giving: A Comparative Study of Asian and Western Populations” | Mentor: Kaushal Sapkota, Planning, Public Policy, and Management

Cady McManus | “What Raises Retention Rates in Gender Marginalized STEM Majors?” | Mentor: Andrea Herrera, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Naelea Mendoza Aguilar | “How social connections are integrated on college campuses amongst marginalized groups” | Mentor: Rachana Patel, University Health Services

Shannon O'Connell | “How Wear of Ant Mandibles is Correlated with Different Behaviors in Ants” | Mentor: Robert Schofield, Institute for Fundamental Science

Sophia Piatti | "What are the brain wave dynamics of self-transcendent emotions such as awe?" | Mentor: Danny Brown, SWANN Lab

Prabhleen Sambhi | “Impacts of Nationalism on Gender in Modern-day Punjab” | Mentor: Oluwakemi Balogun, African Studies, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Christina Thomas | “Honoring Indigenous Voices: A Qualitative Exploration of Native American Student Experiences at the University of Oregon” | Mentor: Kirby Brown, English, Native Studies

Declan Zupo | “Towards a Second Oregon Experiment” | Mentor: Emily Eliza Scott, Art History

Spring 2023

Samuel Brooks | "Weimar Germany: The Violent Downfall of a Pre-modern Political Dream" | Mentor: Daniel Quintero Plata, German and Scandinavian Studies

Junah Calceta | "What Inspires Underprivileged Communities to Tackle STEM-Based Jobs?" | Mentor: Mariah Kornbluh, Psychology

Malia Carp | "Resource Accessibility in Underrepresented Communities" | Mentor: Kory Russel, Environmental Studies

Ananya Chowdhury | "Designing an Experiment to Study Academic Stress's Impact on Aging-Controlling Genes in College Students" | Mentor: Patrick Phillips, Biology

Gionny Colocho | "Why does Music Influence Involuntary Emotion and Memory among Different Age Groups?" | Mentor: Alyse Jamieson, Music

Cing Dim | "The Effects of Outdoor Therapy on Depression and Anxiety in Young Adults" | Mentor: Feather Crawford & Sara Spoden, DucksRISE & Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Anna Field | "Long Term Effects of The One Child Policy and its Impact on Asian Adoptees in the United States" | Mentor: Julius McGee, Sociology

Tabitha Joaquin | "The Quiet Exodus: Black and Brown Women Expats in the Twenty First Century" | Mentor: Ernesto Martinez, Indigenous, Race, and Ethic Studies

Julio Miranda | "Investigating Effective Study Strategies for College Students: Maximizing Learning Outcomes and Academic Performance" | Mentor: Mark Carrier, Biology

José Renteria | "Generating Art With Generative AI:  Exploring the Intersection of Creativity and Technology" | Mentor: John Park, Art

Neela Ropp | "Correlation of Artistic Programs in School with well being and success into adulthood" | Mentor: Megan Kunze, Psychology

Emma Singleton | "How Law and Governance Affects Informal Housing" | Mentor: Claire Herbert, Sociology

Melissa Soliz | "The Challenge of Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution: How the University of Oregon Addresses Latinx/Latine Enrollment and Retention" | Mentor: Feather Crawford & Bobbie Bermudez, DucksRISE & Education

Ashley Terrell | "Olfaction and Behavior in Autistic Model Mice" | Mentor: Matt Smear, Psychology

Alexandria Woodward | "Reconciling Distributive and Relational Egalitarianism to Address Social Injustices" | Mentor: Brooke Burns, Philosophy

Fall 2022

Kikachi Akpakwu | “Annealing Study of the Reaction Pathways of Niobium and Selenium” | Mentor: Mellie Lemon, Chemistry

Brianne Arca | “Remote Early Warning Messaging Technology” | Mentor: Doug Toomey, Earth Sciences

Sebastian Cardenas-Riumallo | “Function and Disease Risk of Slow/Fast Myofiber Associated Regions of the Human Genome” | Mentors: Kristin Sterner & Samantha Queeno, Anthropology

Sue Carney | “Differences in the efficacy of live music therapy vs synchronous remote music therapy in hospitals: A systematic review” | Mentor: Melissa Brunkan, School of Music and Dance

AJ Gotera | “Negotiating the Boundaries Between Cultural Appropriation & Cultural Appreciation Within Asian Music Between the Mid-90’s & Present Day” | Mentor: Alisa Freedman, East Asian Languages

Samuel Gutierrez | “How can programming, data mining, and predictive modeling determine waterpoint operating conditions in Tanzania to monitor waterborne diseases?” | Mentor: Kraig Delana, Business

Shanie Jorgenson | “Evolutionary Response of Daphnia to Ecological Disaster” | Mentor: Shannon Snyder, Biology

Haley Lohf | “Linked and Loaded: Potential of the Human and Digital Computer Collective” | Mentor: Felix Deku, Knight Campus

Mattie Lucero | “Food Activism and Sustainability in Disabled Communities” | Mentor: Hannah Cutting-Jones, Global Studies

Paige Nearman | “Assessing Accessibility Features in Digital Anthropology Publications” | Mentor: Josh Snodgrass, Anthropology

Sophia Olivares | “Las Lágrimas de Nosotros: Causes and Consequences of the Salvadoran Civil War” | Mentors: Armando Morales & Feather Crawford, MECHA & DucksRISE

Eugene Polvorosa | “Indigenous Mexican Food Sovereignty” | Mentor: Steven Beda, History

Kayley Salgado | “Interactive Communication and Development of Autistic and Neurotypical Children in Preschools” | Mentor: Caitlin Fausey, Psychology

Teresa Soliz | “Fascist Times, Freer Futures: Lessons from Anticolonial and Black Radical Traditions” | Mentor: Christopher Ian Foster, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies

Larissa Vandehey | “Nitrogen-Fixing Plants and Their Relation to Invasive Species” | Mentor: Carmen Watkins, Biology

Spring 2022

John Adair | “Love Unbound: Incarcerated Black Fathers and the Family Experience” | Mentor: Ed Madison, Journalism

Karla Barajas | “The Decline and Revitalization of Native Languages in Mexico” | Mentor: Luis Ruiz, Global Education Oregon

Imaesia Fields | “Microbiota, Visual System Development, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders” | Mentors: David James & Judith Eisen, Biology

Tito Flores Bautista | “Language Variation During the Pandemic” | Mentor: Kelley Howarth, Romance Languages

Marissa Gonzalez Ibarra | “Stress Disparities in Undergraduate Students” | Mentor: Elliot Berkman, Psychology

Feruza Legass | “The Unseen Numbers: Missing and Murdered Indigenous and Black Women” | Mentor: Kemi Balogun, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kelly Schooler | “Aztec Hieroglyphs” | Mentor: Stephanie Wood, Digital Humanities

Leyi Shea | “Indigenous Sovereignty and Root-Digging Traditions” | Mentor: Patience Collier, History

Esperanza Soliz | “How can every member of the community help one another? Working Toward Health Equity with the Oregon Medica Group” | Mentor: Feather Crawford, DucksRISE


Watch the inaugural DucksRISE Research Fellows Panel present on their research questions, sources, and methods.

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Ducksrise Research Seed grants

Winter 2023

Haley Bell | "Where does Social Media belong in the Realm of Activism" | Mentor: Shuo Xu, School of Journalism and Communications

Jason Blanchard | "Strategic Ambiguity and Taiwan: Time for a New Policy?" | Mentor: Yeling Tan, Political Science

Chandlor Henderson | "400-Year Nightmare" | Mentor: Camilla Mortensen, School of Journalism and Communications

Stephenie Kerr | "Why is Biophilia not a Staple in Workplace Design?" | Mentor: Meredith Jacobson, Sociology

Christine Pearson | "The Effects of Catholicism on Women's Reproductive Rights in Visayan Philippines" | Mentor: Holly Moulton, Environmental Studies


Portland Internship Experience

Summer 2023

Denise Akabey | Portland Tennis & Education

Paitra Daniels | Tech Association of Oregon

Tim Kong | Portland Gear

Grace Lee | Sabin Community Development

Ximena Lemus Hernandez | Oregon School Based Health Alliance

Alyssa Mayeri | MetroEast Community Media

Paige Nearman | Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians

Sophia Olivares | Fernland Studios

Jonathan Vasquez | Catholic Charities of Oregon

Summer 2022

Yazzie Chee | Urban League

Dani Cortes | Latino Network

Stephanie Gonzalez Villanueva | Hacienda

Chandlor Henderson | Portland Art Museum

Anna Hothai | Glad Rags

Julia Johannesen | Simple X

Pablo Manriquez-Luna | Portland Gear

Asia Petrus | Lan Su Garden

Krystal Rosas-Avalos | The Commons Law Center