First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Award

About the First Year Research Experience Award

Number of Awards: 5

Funding Amount: 

  • $5,000  for student
  • $1,000 for faculty mentor

Eligibility Criteria 
CURE supports all students. Applicants are eligible to apply regardless of their immigration and FAFSA eligibility status.

  • Full-time enrollment as a first-year undergraduate student at UO in a degree-granting program, and in good academic standing; OR a transfer student who is in their first year at UO
    • Students not enrolled full-time at the time of application (spring term) may be considered on a case-by-case basis
    • Enrollment during the summer term is not required
  • UO faculty member who has agreed to serve as the mentor for the research/creative work
    • The faculty mentor must have an appointment as a tenure-related or career faculty of .50FTE or above
    • If research/creative work will be performed at another institution the UO faculty mentor will remain the primary supervisor/mentor
  • The applicant may not receive funds to conduct the same research supported through other internal UO research funding programs, during the same fellowship time period
    • Funds are intended to directly support the recipient while engaging in full-time research or creative work for 8-10 weeks during the summer, which may include housing, food, travel, equipment, materials
  • The award will be provided only once during the student's academic career at the University of Oregon
  • The funds must be used during Summer 2024

Professional and Career Development Resources and Support
Throughout the summer, CURE will hold academic and professional development gatherings designed to support reflection, strengthen skills and encourage community building among the SURF cohort. Resume building, maximizing use of LinkedIN, exploring distinguished scholarships, and continued research experience development, are a few examples of discussion topics.

The opportunity for an immersive research or creative work experience can prove transformative for students. It not only promotes intellectual growth, but also strengthens mentorship ties with faculty and career exploration. Award recipients are also welcome to meet individually with a CURE team member for any advising and guidance needed.

FYRE Commitments and Responsibilities
Fellows are expected to:                                      

Research Project Types

  • Independent, student-led projects under the mentorship of a UO faculty member.
  • Faculty-led projects where the undergraduate student contributes to the project developed by a UO faculty member as a research assistant

Application and Recommendation Letter Deadline: April 30, 2024

  • Click here to preview the application form, and here to preview an example of the set-up for the upload document.
    • You may also read the research project statement review rubric by clicking here
  • A single faculty recommendation letter will be required with the application. Forward this link to the faculty mentor.
  • The FYRE application form can be accessed here.




Valerie Dagley 2023 FYRE Recipient

2023 FYRE Recipient 
Valerie Dagley



What was a highlight of your experience conducting research?

"I really enjoyed getting together with the other award recipients to talk about our research progress over the summer. It helped to prepare me on how I should present my research, and gave me a better idea of the expectations of the program."


What is the most valuable skill you gained through this experience?

"I really enjoyed being empowered to learn and utilize complex subjects and tools for my research. I think this experience has taught me how to learn how to use complex tools on my own. It has also taught me how to present my work in a semi-formal manner to a larger audience."


How has your FYRE experience affected your academic and/or career trajectory?

"The CURE FYRE program helped me to solidify my interest in research as a career goal. I came into college knowing that I wanted to pursue Computer Science, but I was unsure of what specifically. After completing this research program, I know that I want to go into high performance computing research specifically after college."