Membership Selection

Selection for the Alpha of Oregon Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is not automatic, but students do not have to apply or be nominated for consideration. Instead, our membership committee, comprised of UO faculty and staff who are themselves Phi Beta Kappans, evaluate masked transcripts on an annual basis to confirm satisfaction of membership requirements. Anonymity is maintained throughout the review process by removing the students’ names and UO IDs from their transcripts. The committee considers students who have applied for spring graduation by the deadline—Sunday at midnight after the fourth week of spring term classes—or in a prior academic term for the immediate prior academic year. Students applying for graduation after the spring deadline will have their transcripts evaluated in the following year.

Following an election meeting in May, members-elect—students satisfying the membership requirements—are contacted and invited to join the society. Also selected are the Oregon Six, those six students deemed to be the most outstanding among those elected to membership in a given year. The membership committee identifies candidates to consider for this prestigious award and solicits letters of recommendation from faculty in their major and minor departments. Beginning in spring 2020, the chapter resumed a former practice of electing a select number of juniors who meet an exceptionally rigorous set of membership requirements. 

Names of Phi Beta Kappa members-elect appear in the Daily Emerald and in spring Commencement programs, but you are not a member unless you accept the invitation and complete the registration process. Members-elect who have received a formal letter of invitation from the Alpha of Oregon chapter and Office of the President must follow the steps outlined in your invitation letter to become an official member of Phi Beta Kappa.