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The submission deadline was April 17, 2024.

About this Form

We are celebrating the 14th anniversary of the Undergraduate Research Symposium this year! The event will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2024. Undergraduate students conducting research in all academic disciplines, creative works and artistic endeavors are welcome to present at the symposium!

Capturing Presenter Information

Participants can present individual, as a team of four (co-presenting category), or within the course based category. Please keep in mind that individuals who  are not part of the presentation can still be credited with authorship as well as on presentation platform (i.e. poster, PowerPoint, artwork etc).

  1. Individual presenter
  2. Co-Presenting Group 
    • A maximum of three co-presenters (in addition to the form submitter) can be involved in presenting the research
    • Only ONE individual from the group needs to complete the form, presentation title, abstract/statement, on behalf of everyone presenting
    • Please confirm that you have your co-presenters' university email addresses prior to starting this form
  3. Course-Based category is for those who are part of a faculty-led course, who have worked on a single research project as a group, and not individuals or co-presenting groups from the same class.
    • Designate one presenter from the course group to complete the form (with abstract/statement) on behalf of the class. 

For co-presenting and course-based groups, please ensure that you have university email addresses for all individuals. A follow-up email will automatically be sent to those listed on the form, so they may submit their individual information.   

Standards for Presenting

  • Presenters in the Undergraduate Research Symposium must have a research mentor or have performed their research as part of a course, ARC, FIG or academic program. Mentors may be faculty, graduate students, lab managers, post-doctoral fellows, program supervisors, or community members who know and are involved with your project.
  • Presenters must be currently enrolled at the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, Central Oregon Community College, a visiting McNair Scholar, or visiting undergraduate student with pre-approval to participate.
  • If your project involves human subjects, IRB approval is required.

Research Project Statement (aka abstract or artist statement)

The individual completing this form will be required to submit a presentation title and brief synopsis statement of the project. Students in the arts may choose to submit an artist statement in lieu of an abstract. Consider it similar to a movie preview that teases the reader with enough information to understand the breadth of your work, while piquing curiosity.  Please coordinate within your group regarding who will submit the the statement/abstract. The submission will be printed in all symposium materials (1500 character maximum, includes spaces). An abstract, artist or author statement should be comprehensible to a wide-ranging audience-- from those who are experts in the field to the lay person. **Please proofread your submission.** Students with co-presenters will submit this abstract on behalf of the presentation group, meaning co-presenters will not be able to submit an abstract.

Find Tips for Writing Your Research Statement (Abstract or Artist Statement)

The final Abstract or Artist Statement of your presentation or project, will be printed in the symposium materials and may be highlighted on the Symposium YouTube Channel with recordings, and should include the following elements (1500 character maximum, including spaces).

Abstract Structure:

  • Introductory sentence(s)
  • Statement of hypothesis, thesis, purpose, or question of study
  • General methods, procedures, sources, or media used
  • Primary results, findings or arguments
  • Primary conclusion/implication of the work
  • General statement of the significance of the research or creative work

Artist Statement Structure:

  • Medium, materials and methods
  • Subject matter
  • Relationship between your concept and materials

Participant Information

  • University of Oregon Student
  • Non-UO student (additional field will appear for institutional information) 
  • University ID# (required for UO students only) 

About You

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Grad Month & Year 
  • Your Email Address at School 

Tell Us If You Plan to Present Individually or Will Have Co-Presenters

Co-presenters are individuals who will, in addition to the primary form submitted, present the project. A maximum of three co-presenters can be involved. Additional individuals who contributed to the project, may be credited as co-authors in the Program Book. That information will be collected later in the process. 

  • I am presenting individually
  • I have 1 co-presenter
  • I have 2 co-presenters
  • I have 3 co-presenters 

Depending on the selection made, additional field (s) will appear to add co-presenter information that includes their university email address. Please ensure that you have the information prior to filling out the form. 


Different than co-presenters. Co-authors are students who will not present with you at the Symposium but were involved in the work and will be noted on the poster or presentation. You may list up to five individuals. Do you have any co-authors you would like to credit?  

  • Yes
  • No 

If “Yes” is selected, a field will appear to indicate the number of co-authors and to add their information, including email address. Please ensure that you have the information prior to filling out the form. 

Tell Us How You Plan to Present

For those who select the virtual option, presenters will have the opportunity to submit a recording to be posted on the Undergraduate Research Symposium YouTube channel. All other presentations will be in-person at the EMU, May 23rd, 2024. 

  • In Person
  • Virtual

What's Your Presentation Style?

Review the Presentation Formats Overview page and select the type of format that you would like to use to present your project. You can only choose one format per submission, though you may submit this form more than once, if you would like to present in additional formats (e.g., presenting a poster and orally or oral and data stories). 

  • Poster
  • Oral
  • Creative Work (if selected, a field will appear to add details about your planned presentation)
  • Film Screening
  • Works in Progress 

Presentation Title

There is a 100 character limit. The title should clearly indicate the nature of the research performed. Use keywords, and do not use abbreviations, acronyms or chemical formulas. 

Research, Faculty or Community Mentor

List the research or faculty mentor who has provided guidance to your research (helped develop your research skills, topic, methods, or abstract). The individual may be a faculty, staff, graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, community or industry member.  You will need to note the name, title/position, department affiliation, institution email address, in the fields on the next page. 

  • I have one mentor who I would like listed
  • I have two mentors who I would like listed 

The Primary Academic Discipline or Study Area of Your Presentation

Selections for the academic field area of the research presentation will appear in this field. This information will be used to group presentations based on subject. Select "Other" field to input academic area of study not shown on this list. 

Model Release

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is a signature event and will have photographers, videographers, and recorded content during the event. Additionally, some content from the event will be shared on the Undergraduate Research Symposium YouTube channel. We require all participants to sign a model release, allowing us to share content from the event and your presentations on our website and YouTube channel. The following is the release you'll be signing:

I, the undersigned, irrevocably grant the University of Oregon permission to publish, republish, adapt, exhibit, reproduce, modify, make derivative works, distribute, or display my name, image, voice, written testimony, and biographical information in connection with any university product or service. This permission applies to all markets and in any media or technology now known or hereafter developed. The university may exercise any of these rights itself or through any commercial or nonprofit successors, transferees, or licensees.  

I waive any right to inspect or approve any work that bears my name, image, voice, written testimony, and biographical information. Please indicate agreement by signing below, using your mouse or touch screen. Any releasee under age eighteen must have parent or guardian co-signature. 

Presenter Age

  • 18 or older 
  • 17 or younger (signature must be from parent or guardian) 

Additional information about the symposium can be found at Questions? Email:

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