Faculty Perspectives at IntroDUCKtion

Participate in IntroDUCKtion by giving a Faculty Perspective Presentation aimed at fostering early engagement between incoming students and faculty to begin building a sense of campus belonging and introduce students to a culture of inquiry and academic opportunities at the research university through personalized faculty narratives of their passions, research and career journeys.

Engage with Incoming Students

  • Opportunity to broaden incoming student understanding of academic engagement at the UO
  • Share your passion and resilience along your career journey
  • Share academic opportunities for undergraduates within or adjacent to your research/creative work portfolio
  • Encourage curiosity, inclusive learning environment, empowering undergraduate students to explore their interests, develop essential skills, and realize their full academic and personal potential

Scope of Work

  • Faculty Perspectives features short talks by teaching faculty discussing their own research and teaching
  • These presentations often feature the interdisciplinary nature of learning and scholarship while highlighting the breadth and depth of academic opportunities at the UO
  • 45 minute session consisting of 25 to 30 minute Faculty Perspectives Presentation, and 10 to15 minute post-discussion Q&A with incoming students
  • Faculty may present more than once over the Summer Term
  • Opportunity to record presentations utilized for non-summer IntroDUCKtion sessions

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2023 Faculty Presenters




Aneesh Aneesh

Executive Director

School of Global Studies and Languages

Erin Beck

Associate Professor

CLLAS, Latin American Studies, Political Science

Peg Boulay

Senior Instructor

Environmental Science

Kirby Brown

Associate Professor

English, Native Studies

Charise Cheney

Associate Professor

Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies, and History (affiliate)

Ihab Elzeyadi


School of Architecture and Environment

Scott Fisher

Astronomy Lecturer & Outreach Director

Physics Department

Denise Gigliotti

TSenior Instructor II of Chinese

East Asian Languages

Gantt Gurley

Associate Professor of Scandinavian

Department of German & Scandinavian

Julie Hessler

Associate Professor

History Department

Marian Hettiaratchi

Assistant Professor

Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Kate Kelp-Stebbins

Associate Professor

English Department

Harinder Kaur Khalsa

Senior Instructor II of Italian

Romance Languages

Alison Kwok


School of Architecture and Environment

Gabriella Lindberg

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Laura Lee McIntyre

Dean College of Education

College of Education

Rhonda Nese

Associate Professor

Special Education and Clinical Sciences

Bryce Newell

Associate Professor

School of Journalism and Communication

Roland Ofori

Visiting Assistant Professor

School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Craig Parsons


Political Science

Whitney Phillips

Assistant Professor

School of Journalism and Communication

Samantha Shune

Associate Professor

Communication Disorders and Sciences

Hollie Smith

Associate Professor

School of Journalism and Communication

Zachary Wallmark

Associate Professor Musicology

School of Music and Dance

Ed Wolf

Associate Professor

School of Music and Dance