Asian Studies Award


The Asian Studies Award recognizes oral, poster, and creative work presentations focused on a topic in the broad, interdisciplinary field of Asian Studies and characterized by excellence in research and clarity of delivery.  One $300 award and two $100 honorable mention awards will be given. These awards are sponsored by the Asian Studies Program and the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success.


$300 Award

  • Iman Zarlons "Crazy Indonesia: Examining the Transnational Success of Indonesian Exploitation Film"

$100 Award

  • Madeline Miner-Paul "Filling in the Gaps: Investigating Ancient Ceramics From Cambodia"

$50 Honorable Mention Awards

  • Angela "AJ" Gotera "Cultural Appropriation & Appreciation in Korean, Filipino, and Japanese Popular Music"
  • Laurel O'Brien "A Place to Be: Ibasho and Spaces of Community Comfort in the Television Show Midnight Diner"



$200 Award

  • Kelby Beyer "Contextualizing a Collection of Rare Cambodian Glass Ornaments Within Contemporaneous Trade Networksi"
  • Eun-Jai Shin "Emasculation of the Other: Meiji ukiyo-e war prints and national identityi"

$100 Award

Award Specific Eligibility Criteria
  • Must also register separately for the Asian Studies Research Event
  • Applications are additionally required to email Professor Alisa Freedman at to confirm your self-nomination for the award and include your name, email, department and project title.
Award Amounts

 One (1) $300 Award

Two (2) $100 Honorable Mention Awards 


 Asian Studies Program and Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success